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Cheapa 4WD Campa set up for camping

Relocate a Campervan or Motorhome From $1 Per Day!

Sometimes at Cheapa Campa, we need to get our vehicles from point A to point B within a certain time frame, and we reckon there’s no one who’s more up to the task than you, our road trip loving guests! And the best part is that relocations are offered for seriously discounted rates. Please be aware that our relocation specials are subject to availability. If you’re interested in booking a relocation, please read our T&Cs as well as our Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you prefer a leisurely road trip full of detours and rest days? No problem. Click here to check out our latest deals.

As Cheapa Campa is part of the Apollo RV Holidays family, we also have relocation delas listed for Star RV, Apollo Motorhome Holidays & Hippie Camper

Check out the relocations that we currently have available below: 

Campervan Relocations

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